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Наноструктуры и наноэлектроника

Журнальные статьи

30.Carbon-based nanoscience and nanotechnology: where are we, where are we heading' / guest ed.: Soukiassian Patrick G. a. Ramachandra Rao M.S. - Bristol : IOP publ.2010.(Journal of pysics. D, Applied physics, ISSN 0022-3727; vol. 43, nr 37, cluster iss.)

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Aggregate Nanostructures of Organic Molecular Materials Author(s): Liu Huibiao; Xu Jialiang; Li,р.1496-1508.2.(Accounts of Chemical Research (USA).2010 г.,т.43,N 12)

Assembling Indium Atoms into Nanostructures on a Cleaved InAs(110) Surface Author(s): Suzuki K Number: 085002. 18.(Applied Physics Express (JPN). 2011 г., т. 4, N 8).

Atomic-scale modeling of nanostructure formation in Fe-Ga alloys with giant magnetostriction: Cascad, р. 2656-2668.5.(Acta Materialia(GBR). 2011 г.,т.59,N 7)

Attaching Thiolated Superconductor Grains on Gold Surfaces for Nanoelectronics Applications , Number: 093102.56.(Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JPN).2010 г., т. 49, N 9)

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Building Hematite Nanostructures by Oriented Attachment Author(s): Chen Jun Song; Zhu Ting;р. 650-653. 15.(Angewandte Chemie. Int. Edition (DEU). 2011 г., т. 50, N 3)

Calculating phase-coherent quantum transport in nanoelectronics with ab initio quasiatomic orbital b,р. Number: 195442.80.(Physical Review.B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (USA). 2010 г., т. 82, N 19)

CO Oxidation of Au-Pt Nanostructures: Enhancement of Catalytic Activity of Pt Nanoparticles by Au ,р. 45-50.31.(Catalysis Letters (DEU). 2010 г., т. 134, N1-2)

Collective dynamics in nanostructured polycrystalline ferroelectric thin films using local time-reso,р.67-75.(8.Acta Materialia (GBR). 2010 г., т. 58, N 1)

Covalent and Noncovalent Phthalocyanine-Carbon Nanostructure Systems: Synthesis, Photoinduced Elect,р. 6768-6816.40.(Chemical Reviews (USA). 2010 г., т. 110, N 11)

Dependence of Optical Absorption in Silicon Nanostructures on Size of Silicon Nanoparticles,р. 688-692.46.(Communications in Theoretical Physics (CHN). 2011 г., т. 55, N 4)

Depth Profiling of La2O3/HfO2 Stacked Dielectrics for Nanoelectronic Device Applications , р. H139-H141.47.(Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters (USA). 2011 г.,т. 14,N 3)

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Self-assembled Peptide Nanostructures toward Peptide-dire,р. 699-701.42.(Chemistry Letters (JPN). 2011 г., т. 40, N 7)

Diodes based on bilayers comprising of tetraphenyl porphyrin derivative and fullerene for hybrid nanoelectronics,р. 137-141.32.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2010 г., т. 485, N 1)

Directed block copolymer self-assembly for nanoelectronics fabrication Author(s): Herr Danie, р. 122-139.57.(Journal of Materials Research (USA). 2011 г., т. 26, N 2)

Effects of elastic interactions on the aggregation of nanostructures Author(s): Lou Yucun; Bassa, р. 5654-5666.(7.(Acta Materialia (GBR). 2010 г.,т. 58,N 17)

Electrical conductivity and Young's modulus of flexible nanocomposites made by metal-ion implantati, р. 830-840.6.(Acta Materialia (GBR). 2011 г.,т.59, N 2)

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Emission Pattern Control of GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes with ZnO Nanostructures Number: 112101. 16.(Applied Physics Express(JPN). 2011 г., т. 4, N 11)

Fabrication and characterization of aluminum nanostructures and nanoparticles obtained using femtose,р. 93-97.38.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2012 г., т. 530, N1)

Fabrication of nanostructured silicon by metal-assisted etching and its effects on matrix-free lase, р. 97-104.12.(Analytica Chimica Acta (NLD). 2011 г., т. 687, N 2)

Facile Fabrication of VO2(A) Micro-nanostructures with Controlled Shape and Its Electrochemical Behavior.., р.104-106, 110-112.43.(Chemistry Letters (JPN). 2012 г., т. 41, N 1)

FePt3/CoFe2O4 core/shell nanostructures and their magnetic properties Author(s): Akbari Hossein,р.16-19,78-83.37.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2012 г., т. 524, N1)

GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Grown on Nanoscale Patterned Sapphire Substrates with Void-Embedded,Number: 092103. 17.(Applied Physics Express (JPN). 2011 г., т. 4, N 9).

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Microprocesses and nanotecnology. [11] : The 23rd International microprocesses and nanotecnology conference (MNC2010),Fukuoka, Japan, last Nov. 9 to 12, 2010; ed. by Meguro Takashi.(Japanese journal of Applied Physics (JPN).2011,vol. 50, nr 6, iss. 2, spec. iss.)

Molecular Manipulation Technologies Using an Electric Field and Application to Organic Nanoelectroni, р.1816-1823.53.(IEICE Transactions on Electronics. C.(English Edition) (JPN). 2011 г.,т. 94, N 12)

Morphology and Composition of Cholesterol-Rich Micellar Nanostructures Determine Transmembrane ,р. L11-L13.28.(Biophysical Journal (USA). 2011 г., т. 100, N 2)

Multifunctional Porous Graphene for Nanoelectronics and Hydrogen Storage: New Propertie,р. 2876-2877.60.(Journal of the American Chemical Society (USA). 2010 г., т. 132, N 9)

Nanoelectronic detection of breast cancer biomarker Author(s): Chen Yu; Wang Xihua; Hong Mi K., Number: 233702.21.(Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 23)

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Nanoscale Quantitative Measurement of the Potential of Charged Nanostructures by Electrostatic and K,р.541-550.3.(Accounts of Chemical Research (USA).2010 г.,т.43,N4)

Nanostructure of the Fibrin Clot Author(s): Yeromonahos C.; Polack B.; Caton F., р. 2018-2027.27.(Biophysical Journal (USA). 2010 г., т. 99, N 7)

Nanostructured Materials as Catalysts: Nanoporous-Gold-Catalyzed Oxidation of Organosilanes with Wa, р. 10093-10095.14.(Angewandte Chemie. Int. Edition (DEU). 2010 г.,т.49,N 52)

Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronic Applications Author(s): Kamanina N. V.; Vasilyev,р.786-790,727-732,799-802,764-767.11. Acta Physica Polonica. A. General Physics. Physics of Condensed Matter. Optics and Quantum Electronics. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Applied Physics (POL). 2010 г.,т.117,N 5)

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Natural radioactivity consideration for high-kappa dielectrics and metal gates choice in nanoelectr, Number: 275501.59.(Journal of Physics. D: Applied Physics (GBR). 2010 г.,т. 43, N 27)

Numerical strategies towards peta-scale simulations of nanoelectronics devices Author(s): Luisier,р. 117-128.78.(Parallel Computing (NLD). 2010 г., т. 36, N 2)

Optimization of branched resonant nanostructures illuminated by a strongly focused beam. Number: 243103.22.(Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 24).

Responsive Nanostructures from Aqueous Assembly of Rigid-Flexible Block Molecules Author(s):, р. 72-82.4.(Accounts of Chemical Research (USA). 2011 г., т. 44,N 1)

Scanning-Gate Microscopy of Semiconductor Nanostructures: An Overview Author(s): Martins F.;Hack,р.569-575.10.(Acta Physica Polonica. A. General Physics. Physics of Condensed Matter. Optics and Quantum Electronics. Atomic and Molecular Physics. Applied Physics (POL). 2011 г.,т. 119,N 5)

Self-assembly of Compact Molecules Possessing Two Carboxy and One Amide Groups into Tubular Nanostructure, р. 1278-1279.41.(Chemistry Letters (JPN). 2011 г., т. 40, N 11)

Semiconductor nanostructure-based photoelectrochemical water splitting: A brief review, р. 209-215.35.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2011 г., т. 507, N 4)

Separation of ultrafast photoexcited electron and hole dynamics in CdSe quantum dots adsorbed onto. Number: 263113.23.(Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 26).

Shape Changes from Polygonal Gold Nanocrystals to Spherical Nanoparticles Induced by Bubbling N(2),р. 92-100.29.(Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan (JPN). 2010 г., т. 83, N 1)

Shape control via surface reconstruction kinetics of droplet epitaxy nanostructures . Number: 203109.19.(Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 20).

Silicon Oxide: A Non-innocent Surface for Molecular Electronics and Nanoelectronics Studies A,р.941-948.61.(Journal of the American Chemical Society (USA). 2011 г., т. 133, N 4)

Snub boron nanostructures: Chiral fullerenes, nanotubes and planar sheet Author(s): Zope Rajen, р. 193-196.33.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2011 г., т. 501, N 4)

SPM Characterization of Titanium Disilicide Nanostructures Grown on a Ni-Modified Si(100) Substrate,р.480-484,536-540,563-566.9.(Acta Physica Polonica. A. General Physics. Physics of Condensed Matter.Optics and Quantum Electronics.Atomic and Molecular Physics.Applied Physics (POL).2011 г.,т.120,N3)

Synthesis of ZnTe nanostructures by vapor-liquid-solid technique Author(s): Devami Keivan; Ka, р. 62-66.34.(Chemical Physics Letters (NLD). 2011 г., т. 504, N 1)

Template Synthesis of Carbonaceous Tubular Nanostructures with Tunable Surface Properties ,р. 6590-6597, 6711-6717.44.(Chemistry of Materials (USA). 2010 г., т. 22, N 24)

The Future of Integrated Circuits: A Survey of Nanoelectronics Introduction Author(s): Esch Ji,р. 8-10.83.(Proceedings of the IEEE (USA). 2010 г., т. 98, N 1)

Titania nanostructure arrays from lithographically defined templates Author(s): Xia Deying; Number: 223106 .20.(Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 22).

Wave-Vector and Temperature-Dependent Electron Transport in a Magnetic Nanostructure Modulated by Bi,р. 365-368.45.(Communications in Theoretical Physics (CHN). 2010 г., т. 54, N 2)

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