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Полиолефины и их модификация

Журнальные статьи

Catalytic Cyclopropanation of Polybutadienes Urbano Juan; Korthals Brigitte; Mar Diaz-Requejo M.; et, стр. 4439-4444-16.Journal of Polymer Science.A. Polymer Chemistry (USA). 2010 г., т. 48, N 20

Characteristic analysis on a reactive extrusion process for the imidization of poly(styrene-co-malei, стр. 1781-1789 -7.Chemical Engineering Science (GBR). 2010 г., т. 65, N 5

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Evaluation of ammonium terminated PMMA as compatibilizers for monomer casting polyamide6/clay nanoco, стр. 1802-1810 -17.Journal of Polymer Science.B. Polymer Physics (USA). 2008 г., т. 46, N 17

Evaluation of different polyolefins as rheology modifier additives in lubricating grease formulatio, стр. 530-538 -24. Materials Chemistry and Physics (CHE). 2011 г., т. 128, N 3

Evolution of the deactivation mode and nature of coke of HZSM-5 and USY zeolites in the catalytic cr, стр. 152-158-1. Applied Catalysis A: General (NLD). 2009 г., т. 352, N

Hydrophilic graft modification of a commercial crystalline polyolefin Shin Jihoon; Chang Andrew Y.; , стр. 3533-3545 -14.Journal of Polymer Science.A. Polymer Chemistry (USA). 2008 г., т. 46, N 11

Low-dimensional models for describing mixing effects in reactive extrusion of polypropylene Suresh A, стр. 3788-3801-5. Chemical Engineering Science (GBR). 2008 г., т. 63, N 14

Malik Ravish; Hall Carol K.; Genzer JanProtein-Like Copolymers (PLCs) as Compatibilizers for Homopol, стр. 5149-5157-22. Macromolecules (USA). 2010 г., т. 43, N 11

Mechanical behaviour modelling of a nanostructured polyamide blends obtained by reactive extrusion , стр. 3843-3857 -6. Chemical Engineering Science (GBR). 2008 г., т. 63, N 15

Modified polyolefins for advanced polymeric materials : Invited lectures presented at the 12th Bratislava IUPAC intern. conf. on polymers, held in Bratislava, Slovak Rep., 25-28 Aug. 1997 / Intern. union of pure a. appl. chemistry, Macromolecular div. in conjunction with Polymer inst., Slovak acad. of science, Slovak chem. soc.; Symp. ed. Borsig Eberhard . - Zug etc. : Huethig i Wepf, 1998. - 172 с. : ил., табл. - (Macromolecular symp., ISSN 1022-1360; 129 ). - Загл. обл. : Modified polyolefins . Библиогр. в конце докл. Указ. : Auth. ind. в начале журн. - ISBN 3-85739-326-2. I. Bratislava international conference on polymers (12; 1997).

New Approaches in Precise Synthesis of Polyolefins Containing Polar FuNomura Kotohironctionalities b, стр. 1150-1158 -18.Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan (Yuki Gosei Kagaku Kyokai Shi) (JPN). 2010 г., т. 68, N 11

New insight into the action of supercritical carbon dioxide for grafting of maleic anhydride onto is, стр. 1621-1626-8. Chemical Engineering Science (GBR). 2010 г., т. 65, N 5

Small-Molecule Thiophene-C(60) Dyads As Compatibilizers in Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Kim Jong Bok, стр. 5762-5773-9. Chemistry of Materials (USA). 2010 г., т. 22, N 20

Sulfonation of Metallocene-Based Polyolefinic Elastomers and Its Influence on Physicomechanical Prop, стр. 8023-8040-13.Journal of Polymer Science.A. Polymer Chemistry (USA). 2008 г., т. 46, N 24

Synthesis of Polar Block Grafted Syndiotactic Polystyrenes via a Combination of Iridium-Catalyzed Ac, стр. 6655-6667-15.Journal of Polymer Science.A. Polymer Chemistry (USA). 2009 г., т. 47, N 23

Thermomorphological study of the terahertz lattice modes in polyvinylidene fluoride and high-density, стр. N022901-2. Applied Physics Letters (USA). 2010 г., т. 97, N 2

Thermoplastic starch-silica-polyvinyl alcohol composites by reactive extrusion Frost Kris; Barthes J, стр. 343-350-4. Carbohydrate Polymers (GBR). 2011 г., т. 84, N

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