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Author Title
Adey Aerial Life - Spaces, Mobilities, Affects
Agarwal Self-Organising Maps - Applications in Geographic Information Science
Agnew A Companion to Political Geography
Ali Networked Disease - Emerging Infections in the Global City
Allen Lost Geographies of Power
Amin The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader
Barnes Reading Economic Geography
Benenson Geosimulation - Automata-based Modeling of Urban Phenomena
Blunt Domicile and Diaspora - Anglo-Indian Women and the Spatial Politics of Home
Boardman Soil Erosion in Europe
Brenner State/Space - A Reader
Bridge A Companion to the City
Brown A Companion to Health and Medical Geography
Brugnot Spatial Management of Risks
Cartier Globalizing South China
Castree Companion to Environmental Geography
Castree David Harvey: A Critical Reader
Chainey Crime Mapping Case Studies - Practice and Research
Church Business Site Selection, Location Analysis and GIS
Cloke Swept-Up Lives?
Cox Political Geography - Territory, State, and Society
Crampton Mapping - A Critical Introduction to Cartographyand GIS
Cuthbert Form of Cities - Political Economy and Urban Design
Decker GIS Data Sources
Delaney Territory, A Short Introduction
Devillers Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality
Dikec Badlands of the Republic - Space, Politics and Urban Policy
Dobesch Spatial Interpolation for Climate Data: The Use of GIS in Climatology and Meteorology
Docherty A New Deal for Transport? - The UK's struggle with the sustainable transport agenda
Dodge Geographic Visualization - Concepts, Tools and Applications
Douglas Achieving Business Success with GIS
Duncan A Companion to Cultural Geography
Dunford After the Three Italies - Wealth, Inequality and Industrial Change
Eade Understanding the City - Contemporary and Future Perspectives
Endfield Climate and Society in Colonial Mexico
England Neoliberalization - States, Networks, Peoples
Evans Geomorphology of Upland Peat - Erosion, Form and Landscape Change
Favell Eurostars and Eurocities
Featherstone Resistance Space and Political Identities
Foody Uncertainty in Remote Sensing and GIS
Gilbert Geographies of British Modernity - Space and Society in the Twentieth Century
Guermond The Modeling Process in Geography
Hale Threads of Labour Garment Industry Supply Chainsfrom the Workers' Perspective
Heritage Laser Scanning for the Environmental SciencesoBook
Herod Geographies of Power - Placing Scale
Hoffman Cities and Visitors - Regulating People, Markets,and City Space
Holifield Spaces of Environmental Justice
Iveson Publics and the City
Jones People/States/Territories
Kelly Spatial Modelling of the Terrestrial Environment
Kennedy Introduction to 3D Data: Modeling with ArcGIS 3D Analyst and Google Earth
Lambert Grounding Globalization - South Strikes Back oBook
Lee Geographies and Moralities: International Perspectives on Development, Justice and Place
Legg Spaces of Colonialism - Delhi's Urban Governmentalities
Lew A Companion to Tourism
Ley Millionaire Migrants - Trans-Pacific Life Lines
Logan The New Chinese City - Globalization and Market Reform
Logan Urban China in Transition
Maddrell Complex Locations - Womens Geographical Work inthe UK 1850-1970
Mansfield Privatisation - Property and the Remaking of Nature-Society Relations
McDonnell International GIS Dictionary
McDowell Redundant Masculinities? Employment change and White Working Class Youth
McDowell Working Bodies - Interactive Service Employmentand Workplace Identities
Merriman Driving Spaces - A Cultural-Historical Geographyof England's M1 Motorway
Mitchell Practising Public Scholarship - Experiences and Possibilities Beyond the Academy
Montgomery GIS Data Conversion Handbook
Neilson Value Chain Struggles - Institutions and Governance in the Plantation Districts of South India
Nelson A Companion to Feminist Geography
O'Sullivan Geographic Information Analysis, Second Edition
Parr Mental Health and Social Space - Towards Inclusionary Geographies?
Rana Topological Data Structures for Surfaces - An Introduction to Geographical Information Science
Ravenscorft Arsenic Pollution - A Global Synthesis
Sanders Models in Spatial Analysis
Shaw Cities of Whiteness
Sheppard A Companion to Economic Geography
Sheppard Scale and Geographic Inquiry - Nature, Society, And Method
Shiel Cinema and the City - Film and Urban Societies ina Global Context
Slater Geopolitics and the Post-Colonial-Rethinking North-South Relations
Spencer Global Positioning System
Stenning Domesticating Neoliberalism - Spaces of Economic Practice and Social Reproduction in Post Socialist Cities
Stilwell Applied GIS and Spatial Analysis
Sunley Putting Workfare in Place - Local Labour Marketsand the New Deal
Taylor Intelligent Positioning - GIS-GPS Unification
Tucker Queer Visibilities - Space, Identity and Interaction in Cape Town
Wainwright Decolonizing Development - Colonial Power and the Maya
Whitehead State, Science and the Skies
Wilson The Handbook of Geographic Information Science
Woodward Military Geographies
Zook The Geography of the Internet Industry