Earth Science

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Author Title
Allen Foreland Basins IAS 8
Altermann Precambrian Sedimentary Environments - A Modern Approach to Ancient Depositional Systems - Special Publication Number 3
Anadon Lacustrine Facies Analysis
Ballance Sedimentation IAS 4
Bates Computational Fluid Dynamics - Applications in Environmental Hydraulics
Blum Fluvial Sedimentology VII - Special Publication Number 35 of The International Association of Sedimentologists
Brierley Geomorphology and River Management - Applicationsof the River Styles Framework
Briggs Palaeobiology II
Brookfield Principles of Stratigraphy
Bull Tectonic Geomorphology of Mountains - A New Approach to Paleoseismology
Burley Sandstone Diagenesis - Recent and Ancient
Camoin Reefs and Carbonate Platforms in the Pacific and Indian Oceans - Special Publication 25 of the IASoBook
Colella Coarse-Grained Deltas
Darby River Restoration - Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat
de Boer Orbital Forcing and Cyclic Sequences
De Boer Analogue and Numerical Modelling of Sedimentary Systems
Edmunds Natural Groundwater Quality
Flemming Tidal Signatures in Modern and Ancient Sediments24
Flint Geological Modelling of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Outcrop Analogues
Gutpa Large Rivers - Geomorphology and Management
Hambrey Glacial Sedimentary Processes and Products
Hammer Paleontological Data Analysis
Hardisty The Analysis of Tidal Stream Power
Higgitt Geomorphological Processes and Landscape Change - Britain In The Last 1000 Years
Hou The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: The Flowering of Early Animal Life
Hsu Pelagic Sediments - On Land and Under the Sea(IAS Special Publicaton 1)
Huenges Geothermal Energy Systems - Exploration, Development, and Utilization
Jaenicke Dynamics and Chemistry of Hydrometeors - Final Report of the Collaborative Research Centre 233 Dynamik und Chemie der Meteore
James The Seaward Margin of the Belize Barrier and Atoll Reefs (IAS 3)
Knight Glacier Science and Environmental Change
Kondolf Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology
MacDonald Sedimentation Tectonics and Eustasy IAS 122
Martini Flood and Megaflood Processes and Deposits - Recent and Ancient Examples
Marzo Alluvial Sedimentation
Mather A Field Guide to the Neogene Sedimentary Basins ofthe Almeria Province, SE Spain
Mazzoleni Recent Dynamics of the Mediterranean Vegetationand Landscapes
McCaffrey Particulate Gravity Currents
Misstear Water Wells and Boreholes
Monty Carbonate Mud-Mounds - Their Origin and Evolution(Special Publication Number 23 of the International Association of Sedimentologists) oBk
Morad Carbonate Cementation in Sandstones (SP 26)
Nash Geochemical Sediments and Landscapes
Nichols Sedimentary Processes, Environments and Basins - A Tribute to Peter Friend
Nittrouer Continental Margin Sedimentation - From Sediment Transport to Sequence Stratigraphy
Parnell Sediment Hosted Mineral Deposits IAS 11
Plint Sedimentary Facies Analysis
Posamentier Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies AssociationsoBook
Purser Dolomites
Pye Aeolian Sediments (IAS 16)
Radosevich Ecology of Weeds and Invasive Plants: Relationship to Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, Third Edition
Rahmani Sedimentol Coal Depos IAS 7
Retallack Soils of the Past - An Introduction to Paleopedology 2e
Rice River Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network
Ruffell Geoforensics
Smith Braided Rivers - Process, Deposits, Ecology, Management
Smith Fluvial Sedimentology VI - Special Publication 28of the International Association of Sedimentologists
Stow Deep-Water Turbidite Systems
Swift Shelf Sand and Sandstone(IAS14)
Thiry Palaeoweathering, Palaeosurfaces and Related Continental Deposits
Tucker Carbonate Diagenesis
Tucker Carbonate Platforms IAS 9
White Volcaniclastic Sedimentation in Lacustrine Settings (SP 30 of the IAS)
Wood Hydroecology and Ecohydrology - Past, Present and Future
Worden Clay Mineral Cements in Sandstones - Special Publication 34 of the IAS
Worden Quartz Cementation in Sandstones (SP 29)
Wright Calcretes
Wright Sedimentology Review 1